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Seeking Herniated Disc Treatment in Austin Texas?

We Provide Comprehensive Non-Surgical Care for Painful Herniated Discs

What Makes Us Different??

Texas Spine and Sports Therapy Center is an Austin Texas non-surgical spinal decompression DRX center. We are a healthcare center specializing in spine pain and herniated disc treatment, spinal decompression, Active Release Therapy and Chiropractic. Our procedures are extremely successful at rehabilitating injured patients. Patients suffering from chronic and acute pain may feel discouraged or even hopeless; however, within the first few treatments, most experience positive results and a refreshed sense of hope. The key to our success is the quality of care, degree of relief and fast recovery produced by our treatment systems. We tailor our techniques to fit each individual’s needs by accurately diagnosing their condition. We also focus on recommending personalized treatment that will bring about the most herniated disc pain relief. *We feature the high tech DRX non surgical decompression system for the treatment of herniated discs.

How This Benefits You

Your care will be coordinated so that you can receive the right type of treatment for your herniated disc at the right time. You will receive the specialized care you require for a speedy recovery. Our treatments produce the speedy results you are looking for – and that’s what we’re all about: results that give you back the quality of life you always enjoyed.

Painful herniated discs/bulging discs:

Herniated discs occur when a disc protrudes or the disc bulges, causing it to compress nerves or irritate the spinal cord.  Some common symptoms of  a herniated disc include sharp pain in the lower back and localized muscle weakness and pain. In many cases patients needlessly endure difficult and oftentimes unsuccessful surgeries.  These spine surgeries can leave the patient in worse pain than
before.  We can treat many of these injuries, most often leading to a successful recovery without disc surgery.

Due to its flexibility, the neck can be especially vulnerable to disc injuries that cause a variety of symptoms including neck pain, migraine headaches, tension headaches, shoulder pain, and even pain and numbness radiating down the arms and hands.

Dr. Bart Atencio will properly identify the cause of your pain and begin providing you with the correct treatment to bring you fast herniated disc pain relief.  

Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain and lower extremity pain often get put into one category, but the causes, and therefore the treatments, can be different. Lower extremity pain, when it radiates from the low back, is usually the result of pressure on a nerve. The pain is often in the distribution which the nerve supplies. Low back pain is often related to the mechanics of the spine. Muscle strain, arthritis, trauma, osteoporosis, and fracture are often causes. Often, disease processes which cause lower extremity pain can also cause low back pain, and vice versa.


Chronic headache pain can affect your ability to work, spend time with your family, and participate
in the activities you enjoy. Painful migraine headaches can impact your everyday life and lead to more than a billion dollars in healthcare costs each year.  Some headaches can be caused by stress or eye strain,
or may even be a sign of a far more serious condition. Do not leave these symptoms unchecked!
We can identify the source of your symptoms and provide you with
the appropriate treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.  Chronic back pain also accounts for a significant number of workers’ compensation claims.  Without proper treatment, a back injury could lead to serious conditions later in life.  Do not ignore your back pain!  Let us help you obtain effective headache pain relief.

Traditional treatments, especially back surgery, have proven failure rates. We treat the source of your pain with a variety of techniques that help you achieve a pain-free lifestyle.

It is estimated that over 46 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. If Left untreated, arthritis can become  increasingly debilitating. Early treatment of this condition can help alleviate pain and stop progression. We care about your quality of life and work rapidly to treat your arthritis and improve your mobility.

Back pain is a leading cause of lost work.  Work-related injuries can effect
your mobility and range of motion, limiting you to your most basic activities. Back, disc herniation, neck, arthritis and all type of pain affect you physically and emotionally, leaving you frustrated and irritable. Do not allow an injury to diminish your quality of life. Let us relieve you of your pain and restore your vitality.

The staff at Texas Spine and Sports Therapy Center will focus on having you pain free. Then we will provide you with a rehabilitation program, such as the highly effective non surgical spinal decompression for a disc herniation that allows you to be strong again. You can trust that your experience with us will set you in the right direction towards regaining your quality of life.

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